More equity release advisers needed

Ryan Bembridge

September 29, 2016

Equity release lender more 2 life has called for more advisers to enter the lifetime lending sector to help it grow.

As it stands a number of advisers don’t have the necessary equity release qualification but can refer people to a specialist firm.

The provider urged advisers to raise lifetime mortgages as an option at the pre-, at-, and in –retirement stages of any financial planning conversations.

Stuart Wilson, channel marketing director at more 2 life, said: “This is an exciting time for the lifetime lending sector as we get ready to exceed the £2bn mark this year.

“We are currently in a fantastic position, with the sector growing and developing at a fast pace with new entrants and product innovation coming to market.

“We have both the supply and demand for equity release, but not the adviser numbers needed to support the tripling of the market size, which is what we expect to happen by 2020.

“Lenders and funders are important, but so are the specialist advisers who serve this market. We will not be able to grow the sector without them, but also can’t ensure that consumers are receiving the best outcome in their retirement.

“It will be no surprise to see residential mortgage and pension advisers moving into equity release, as this feels like an obvious add-on to their existing advice process.

“However, we would urge advisers from any background to consider whether specialising in equity release advice could be the next step in the development of their practice, so that we can secure a significant increase in adviser numbers before the year is out.”

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