Every day is a school day

Paul Hunt

June 19, 2018

Paul Hunt is a marketing consultant

Those of you that know me, know that I am a history geek and will come out with very random facts, especially when I’m in London, as I think I have a story to tell in almost every corner of the city.

Whilst I have to play down these views when I am with my other half (she tells me to find some friends to talk to this about), in the last week I have had two willing victims in the industry to bore senseless!

This brings me onto this weeks topic, as my other ‘specialist subject’ is marketing and I am honoured to have been invited by Newcastle Building Society this week to talk to a few brokers in their head office about this very subject.

Whilst I’ve been gathering my thoughts on what to cover, it has struck me that the simple things really make a difference and after some research it has shown me that many broker firms still don’t have websites, don’t own their Google Business profile or seek to gather positive reviews. I won’t even get started about sites that aren’t mobile optimised…

In this digital age and bearing in mind the blog I did last week about the growth in internet use in poorer and elder demographics, I cannot understand why this is still the case and it is time to wake up and smell the coffee for a few firms.

Therefore, I’d like to use this blog to call an amnesty for those brokers who would like to learn more about marketing (in my presentation I also cover some other areas like customer referrals and physical environment).

Therefore, anyone who would like a copy of my presentation, feel free to message me on LinkedIn or via my website and I will send you a copy, as long as you make a £5 donation to Isabel Hospice.

Sometimes learning isn’t fun, but I hope to make this time an exception.

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