Excellent packager response to Mortgages plc strategy workshops

Amanda Jarvis

February 27, 2003

The majority of the packagers who work with Mortgages plc have expressed interest and provided feedback on the content of the events.

The roadshows will be chaired by Peter Beaumont, Mortgages plc's sales and marketing director. The speakers will include Richard Griffiths of Network Data, Vic Jannels of All Types of
Mortgages (who is also a founder director of the PMPA (Professional Mortgage Packagers Associates),
and Mortgages plc's Julian Wells (Head of Marketing) and Phil Tinsley (Head of Compliance).

The agenda has been designed to reflect the feedback received. 29% of packagers expressed a desire to hear about regulation, followed by service (18%) marketing (14%), and mortgage clubs/networks (14%). Topics of least interest were distribution (7%) and building a field sales team (6%)

Peter Beaumont comments on the surprising results. “Although it was expected that regulation would be the topic of most interest, I was astounded that distribution was only of interest to 7% of respondents. For me, this is the single largest threat facing packagers. The results of the feedback have only strengthened our view that these workshops will be a wake up call for many packagers. They should not underestimate the challenges that lie ahead.”

Mortgages plc's packager strategy workshops take place on 20 March (Warwick University), 27 March (Reading University), and 31 March (Chester College).

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