EXCLUSIVE: Air Group rebrands

Ryan Bembridge

June 25, 2019

Answers in Retirement Group has rebranded in a bid to unify all its businesses under the ‘Air’ name.

The rebrand means the Equity Release Club has become Air Mortgage Club and The Later Life Academy has become Air Later Life Academy.

Unity Rewards is now known as Air Rewards, where advisers earn points when completing business through the group to be exchanged for cash or charity donations.

All branding and logos now include the over-arching Air motif, while the separate businesses are moving to a central website.

Stuart Wilson, chief executive of Answers in Retirement Group, said: “Since we launched our over-arching Air Group umbrella business last year, we’ve been reviewing how we can bring consistency to all group companies.

“We believe that by utilising the ‘Air’ name across all those propositions, and also changing the name of our rewards and professional status, means that our adviser members and other stakeholders have complete clarity about how the group works, the various services we can deliver, and the growing number of opportunities they can tap into.

“It is both an incredibly exciting time for the later life market and Air Group as interest and demand grows in the sector, and as we seek to broaden our reach in the adviser space.”

The announcement is being made at Air Group’s second annual National Later Life Adviser Conference, which is taking place today at the Madejski Stadium, Reading.

The changes are designed to put businesses in line with Air Sourcing, the later life sourcing system, and Air Prestige, a para-packaging proposition for advisers seeking lending solutions for older clients.

Following the changes the businesses will use a centralised telephone number.

Two more minor changes have been made.

Members of the Air Later Life Academy who complete five out of even modules and sit the qualifying exam will now secure Air Later Life Professional status, formerly Graduate status. Meanwhile members of Air Mortgage Club who complete three cases per quarter on average will secure membership of Air Platinum Club.

Wilson added: “This rebrand is the next stage in the evolution of the group and, from this point, we’ll be seeking to deliver even greater value to the advisers who use these companies and the providers and other stakeholders that engage with us, and help us develop our offering.

“The later life sector is a key market for advisers and we will continue to help advisers reach the highest professional standards, develop their client base and ensure they can offer as many services as possible to a demographic that has never been more in need of quality advice.”

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