EXCLUSIVE: Bridging lender TAB launches from Duncan Kreeger

Ryan Bembridge

April 26, 2019

A London bridging lender called TAB has launched, spearheaded by ex-West One Loans founding director Duncan Kreeger.

TAB is an unregulated bridging firm which lends on residential and commercial properties.

The firm will move to an office in London’s Marylebone on 1 May.

Kreeger, chief executive of TAB, said: “I am building a business for the long-term.

“I’m not pumping money into the business fast – we’re taking deals at a lower pace with a focus on quality over quantity.

“West One was about building and selling it and TAB is about building something for the longer-term.”

Kreeger said once TAB gets up and running it will start working with brokers firms.

A piece of technology is also being developed related to fractional ownership, where investors own a share of assets.

In addition to Kreeger, TAB has the following members of staff on board: Scott Grossman, business development, Francesca Kindrat, operations director, and Sarabjeet Bhoday, financial director.

The staff count will be bolstered by a BDM next month as well as a chief operating officer, who comes from a property law background.

Since leaving West One Loans in 2016 Kreeger became a non-executive director at Premier Block Management, while he also got involved in property development personally.

Kreeger added: “We are going to be the opposite to most financial institutions with a dress comfortable policy and people working when they are most productive.

“There will be no 9/5 Monday to Friday – we will have a forward-thinking culture where people are accessible 24/7.”

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