Exclusive Connections hits back at regulation scare mongering

Amanda Jarvis

October 18, 2004

Martin O’Hearne, Chairman of Exclusive Connections says: “ Exclusive Connections is committed to its strong and established lender relationships. The packaging industry is a significant player in the intermediary mortgage market and is responsible for a large proportion of the mortgages produced – which clearly cannot be ignored. Exclusive Connections alone produced £1.5 billion of mortgage business last year and I would find it amazing that lenders, who have a strong business model based around the Mortgage Packager, would give it up without any consideration as to where their future business will come from.

Exclusive Connections has had no indication from its lending partners that they intend to withdraw their support of mortgage packagers.”

Exclusive Connections currently offers a market-leading service to members including a bespoke “Eclipse” software system to standardise the service that packagers offer, across the board procuration and valuation fee scales, full telephone support, compliance advice and comprehensive Mortgage Club option

“We feel that having products and services to support businesses is the way forward through working together as a collective”

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