EXCLUSIVE: Equity Release Supermarket rebrands and launches comparison tables

Michael Lloyd

December 19, 2018

Equity Release Supermarket has rebranded with a new website containing detailed comparison tables of different equity release products.

The tables, dubbed a ‘later life lending hub’, compares the four main areas of later life lending: retirement interest-only, lifetime mortgages, home reversion and retirement mortgages.

Via fact sheets and videos, the tables contain information about each product and enable a comparison of how they work and what plans are available. Customers can then take the next step with the Equity Release Supermarket.

Mark Gregory, director of Equity Release Supermarket, said: “10 years ago when I set up the company, I had a vision that the internet was going to be the future, where customers would research and manage finances online.

“People at the time questioned why I was doing this but I knew this was the going to be the way forward. We were the first to put a calculator on the website and we’re the only equity release broker to have comparison tables.

“The site will be a game changer to the market; quick and mobile-friendly.

“We’re trying to bring the equity release market up to speed with the mainstream mortgage market and want to be the MoneySuperMarket of equity release.”

The website combines equityreleasesupermarket.com and equityreleasesupermarket.co.uk into one site: equityreleasesupermarket.com

Customers are able to put in their postcode to find their local advisers, ask them a question, book an appointment to meet them or from Q1 next year talk to them via a video conference call.

Gregory added: “It’s taking the customer at whatever stage they’re at to guide them through the process and offer them different options.

“Not all equity release advisers advise on retirement interest-only mortgages and not all mainstream mortgage brokers advise on equity release but we do both.”

The company is the only equity release broker with an online portal and an app version will follow.

Gregory added: “I like to be a digital innovator. We’re analysing what customers have said and that’s the direction we’re going in.”

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