EXCLUSIVE: The Mortgage Lender in ‘vivid’ rebrand

Ryan Bembridge

June 4, 2018

The Mortgage Lender has rebranded with a new logo, website and strapline ‘Real Life Lending’.

The lender said it wanted to challenge the ‘financial blandscape’ with ‘vivid colours’ and reflect the ‘lifestyle lending’ that the industry requires.

The rebrand was developed by London-based marketing agency Fist of Fury, while the changes will be accompanied with advertising, PR and a social media campaign.

Peter Beaumont, deputy chief executive of The Mortgage Lender, said: “The sector likes to pigeonhole lenders like us as specialist, we even got caught up in the term ourselves for a while, but we’ve really given it some thought and asked ourselves what that term actually means. It never sat well with us.

“Because we’ve brought decades of experience to a new lending business, we’re hell-bent on changing the landscape – starting with a better description of what it is we do.

“Economics have changed, as have people’s lifestyles. So ‘complicated’ or ‘specialist’ is the new normal and our approach adapts to the most complicated lending situations. That for us, and we believe for most borrowers, is represented best as “lifestyle lending.”

TML said it set out to prove that ‘not all financial brands need to be blue and formal’, adding that the branding shows ‘it not only walks the walk, but talks it too’.

Beaumont added: “The sector is in danger of failing to keep in touch with the modern needs of borrowers.

“We believe humans need homes and we love lending – it’s as simple as that – our new brand, the language we use and the way we look all relate to the mortgage market as it is today, not what it was 20 years ago.”

The Mortgage Lender has been in news a lot in the past week. Mortgage Introducer revealed that former director Pete Thomson has left on Tuesday, while it emerged that Shawbrook has taken a significant share in TML on Thursday.

Below is a screenshot from The Mortgage Lender’s new website.

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