Exclusive: Quantum Money ceased trading

Nia Williams

January 14, 2010

The London-based broker had enjoyed enviable success since it launched in 2001 winning a string of high profile awards.

However a rapidly deteriorating market and the departure of Fahim Antoniades to rival Mortgage Center IFA in Q3 last year left a void that proved difficult to fill.

Jonathan Burridge, Quantum managing director, said: “I can confirm that Quantum closed its doors just before Christmas.

“I believed that we had the lungs to see us through to the recovery of the sector, however, we held our breath for two years and with another twelve months of holding on we simply were not able to continue.”

Last minute funding discussions that would have secured Quantum’s future failed leaving the firm no option but to cease trading.

Burridge added: “We had built Quantum up over nearly nine years and over that time we had worked with a great number of very talented people, built a team that was well respected by customers and providers and achieved some truly great results for a business of its size.”

Since the firm closed in December it is thought every employee has found new employment and remained in the industry.

Burridge added: “That says a lot about the calibre of the individuals that worked alongside me.”

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