EXCLUSIVE: Tech firm Eligible to launch retention offering with Ex-John Charcol partner

Ryan Bembridge

February 19, 2019

As the battle to keep customers hots up this year, a tech firm called Eligible will launch an offering focusing on retention next month.

What is more it has recruited John Charcol partner Hemel Shah as sales director (pictured) to assist in the launch.

Eligible is set to launch Retain in March, which will use CRM data from customers to create personalised email campaigns with the remit of keeping them in contact with either brokers or lenders.

There will also be a ‘web feed’, which will take inspiration from the likes of Google and Facebook by providing customers with a feed of content tailored to them – whether that’s articles or information from Eligible or other sites.

Shah (pictured), who worked with Charcol from 2013 to 2018, is tasked with developing B2B relationships and providing feedback on what’s important to brokers.

Rameez Zafar, chief executive at Eligible, said: “Hemel’s appointment shows our intention to always keep our customers at the heart of our business whilst pushing the technological envelope.

“Hemel’s experience in the mortgage industry gives us vital input to create solutions that generate immediate value for the business whilst being simple and easy to use.

“Hemel is here to help us bridge the gap between our technology and what brokers want.”

Eligible will use customer CRM data and then behavioural analytics to create personalised email campaigns. It will analyse the types of emails customers engage with and tailor the process accordingly.

Retain will be available on a subscription basis for brokers and lenders.

Eligible is live with a another service that takes care of document uploads and other areas of the sales process.

Shah said: “The market has been inundated with technology that focuses on “digitising” the sales process but retaining the client relationship has been overlooked.

“I have spent some time considering my next step and although there are numerous technology firms in the industry, there are few innovators genuinely looking to achieve the best outcome for both the broker and the client.

“I look forward to working with client focused businesses that are passionate about building great client relationships.”

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