Exeter Family launch new underwriting system

Ryan Fowler

September 5, 2014

The new technology uses smart logic and dynamic questioning to enable immediate underwriting decisions on income protection applications, resulting in a smoother, faster journey for clients and advisers.

Mike O’Brien, head of sales and marketing, said: “This new technology has the potential to transform how consumers buy protection.

“For too long clients and advisers have put up with a culture of ‘apply and wait for an answer’ – now they can ‘apply and buy’.”

Along with the new application route, advisers can also apply for Exeter Family’s products through a full medical declaration or short application with telephone interview.

O’Brien added: “The benefits are not only speed and simplicity – in the future advisers will benefit from a common application process to make advisers lives significantly easier. All we need now is for more insurers to invest in advisers and utilise the technology.”

Martin Werth, CEO, UnderwriteMe, said: “We are delighted to be working with Exeter Family Friendly, who are committed to helping advisers sell income protection. Together we have made the sales process much easier and faster.”

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