The Exeter paid out on 94% of claims in 2016


March 22, 2017

The Exeter paid out on 94% of all claims it received in 2016 with the highest number of claims coming as a result of injuries and accidents .

The IP provider said injuries and accidents accounted for a total of 37% of all claims received.

Of those claims which were declined, 4% were for non-disclosure and 2% were due to the claimant being able continue to work in their occupation.

Andy Chapman, chief executive at The Exeter, said: “Once again we have delivered on our promise and paid 94% of all claims received. Whilst the debate about whether claims statistics should or shouldn’t be published has been reignited, there has never been any question in my mind.

“We’re committed to sharing our claims statistics every year, our only focus is on how we can make our information more engaging to highlight the crucial importance of income protection to more advisers and consumers.”

“That’s why this year we have included claims stories along with the data for the first time. Ultimately, behind every claim is a person – not a number on the way to calculating a percentage.

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