The Exeter: Protection levels building post-SDLT holiday

Jake Carter

December 8, 2021

income protection

Since the conclusion of the stamp duty holiday, Steve Bryan, director of distribution and marketing, at The Exeter said he has seen protection levels continue to rise.

Bryan added: “We have seen the momentum behind levels of new protection business continue to build throughout 2021, no doubt aided in part by the buoyancy of the housing market.”

He said this has enabled growing numbers of consumers to access the types of insurance that will prove valuable if they were unable to work due to illness or death.

Bryan said that income is the most important asset, and as a result it must be given greater focus as the core priority of an individual’s protection needs.

He said: “There has been a great amount of product innovation across the market when it comes to [income protection (IP)], meaning people have a range of affordable options to choose from no matter what their circumstances.”

This includes options for the self-employed, renters and manual workers.

“As a result, IP can, and should be, part of every conversation between an adviser and client to safeguard their income (and their ability to repay a mortgage and meet other financial commitments) should they be unable to work due to illness and injury,” Bryan concluded.

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