Expat Packager launches range with Marsden Building Society

Michael Lloyd

February 8, 2018

Expat Packager has launched residential 2-year discount products with Marsden Building Society, making it easier for non-resident Britons to access finance when purchasing property in the UK.

There are three purchase and three remortgage products from 3.04% to 3.44% with LTVs from 60% to 80%.

The products also focus on offering greater flexibility; mortgage terms extend up to 35 years for properties over £100,000, while overpayments of up to 5% per annum are allowed without penalties. Contractors are accepted, but borrowers must be aged 25 or over.

Stuart Marshall, managing director of Expat Packager, said: “We continue to be impressed by the residential mortgage products tailored for expats that our partners Marsden are bringing to market.

“Available through Expat Packager, the new Marsden packaged products present a competitive offering for mortgage brokers and their clients, particularly those who might traditionally struggle to secure acceptance from lenders.

“Combined with the specialist support available from Expat Packager, it ensures that even the most challenging circumstances can be catered to through expat mortgage solutions.

“With our help, it’s now easier than ever for intermediaries to secure the best finance options for their clients.”

Heather Crinion, general manager at Marsden Building Society added: “We have developed an intimate understanding of the complexities that customers living outside the UK face when trying to secure finance. Our new residential products address some of these issues first-hand.”

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