March 25, 2013

Tim Wheeldon is joint managing director of Fluent Money


As the secured loan market continues to thrive and compete against mainstream mortgage lenders, it is crucial that we offer a quality alternative. We need to stand out because of our own strengths; not simply because the remortgage sector is struggling. One of the most important factors that I value and which is entrenched into the way we operate at Fluent Money, is providing excellent customer service.


As with any consumer-facing business, customer service and experience are paramount, and key to this is maintaining strong lines of communication. When applying for a secured loan, it comes as no surprise that our customers want to be guided through the process and kept informed and updated every step of the way: Assigning customers with a singular point of contact, such as an individual case manager can also help them feel that they are in safe hands.


Flexibility is something which many customers appreciate and we should be adapting our approach to respond to customer demands and current communication styles. Most people expect instant access to vital information whenever and wherever they are.


Towards the end of last year we introduced our Fluent View App for the IPhone and Android phones which was designed to strengthen the lines of communication between our clients and us. Key features include the ability to track the progress of loans in real-time and allow customers to contact their case manager at the touch of a button. Streamlining the process for our customers, this has proved to be highly popular and is something that we will continue to develop further. 


Being able to provide excellent customer service is an area in which we can really stand apart from the mainstream lenders. Little touches like being there for our customer at every step of the way, might seem simple but make a big difference and can help to build the credibility and reputation of industry. 

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