Family Building Society in Brilliant partnership

Ryan Fowler

July 24, 2014

Brilliant Solutions will now carry out all of the Family Building Society’s mortgage origination processing.

Mark Bogard, CEO of Family Building Society, said: “Brilliant was the perfect match for our needs. As mortgage experts the company not only has the knowledge but also the most impressive mortgage processing software system in the marketplace.

“Leveraging these key skills allows us to expand our underwriting team internally and use more staff to build the society.

“Outsourcing itself is not that unusual, but the software and methodology in place with Brilliant gave us significant gains that were unavailable elsewhere. “

The Family Building Society will continue to retain all mandates internally but will benefit from greater efficiency and will also be making a big leap forward from a software and systems perspective.

Brilliant will process the mortgage in a fully outsourced capacity, initially handling all direct cases as from the Family Building Society and increasing over time to process all Family Building Society and National Counties Building Society cases.

Brilliant, which underwent extensive due diligence from a technical and regulatory perspective, has invested heavily in mortgage processing software to improve its offering to regulated networks and lenders alike.

Matthew Arena, managing director of Brilliant Solutions, said: “It is a fantastic project to be involved in.

“The team at Family Building Society have brought real innovation to the market and between us we have developed one of the most efficient and knowledgeable mortgage operations in the market.

“With our software and staff able to process the pioneering product range offered by the Family Building Society we are confident that there will be many similar opportunities ahead.”

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