FCA asks Times for Lloyds PPI files

Sam Cordon

June 12, 2013

The Times reported it is considering the request for recordings, transcripts and documents which the FCA said it would use to feed into its upcoming report on PPI complaint handling across the financial services.

The operation exposed how staff working at Royal Mint Court, which Lloyds contracted Deloitte to run for it, were taught to play the PPI complaint handling system.

Lloyds confirmed to The Times it ended its contract with Deloitte in May this year.

Richard Lloyd, executive director of Which?, said it was little wonder that consumers’ trust in banking has collapsed.

He said: “Banks have been in complete denial over the industrial scale of PPI mis-selling. Instead of pedalling the myth that many PPI complaints are fraudulent, Lloyds should have been getting their own house in order and properly dealing with legitimate complaints.”

Lloyd said he hopes that the regulator’s investigation will ensure all banks are handling complaints to a much higher standard than that exposed in this “shocking” investigation.

LBG told The Times that employees at Royal Mint Court were now being re-trained by a new supplier “in line with our policies and procedures”.

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