FCA proposes stronger requirements for ARs

Jake Carter

December 3, 2021


The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has launched a consultation on improving the appointed representatives (AR) regime and tackling harm from this model.

According to the FCA, it has seen a wide range of harm across all sectors where firms have ARs.

It said this harm often occurs because principals do not perform enough due diligence before appointing an AR, or from inadequate oversight and control after an AR has been appointed.

The FCA’s proposed changes to the regime aim to address the harm arising in this market while retaining the cost, competition and innovation benefits the AR model can provide.

The regulator’s proposals would improve principals’ oversight of ARs, and require principals to provide the FCA with more information, allowing it to spot risks more quickly.

The FCA said it will also expect ARs to be more effectively overseen by their principals.

As well as this, it is seeking views, through a discussion chapter in the consultation, on the wider risk posed by some of the business models operated by principal firms, and whether setting limits on such arrangements may help to reduce potential harm.

Sheldon Mills, executive director for consumers and competition at the FCA, said: “The appointed representative model helps bring choices to consumers, but the level of harm we are currently seeing is too high.

“There are real risks of consumers being misled and mis-sold with little scope for recourse.

“We have already started work looking at high risk ARs and these proposals build on that work.

“We want to ensure that principals are properly overseeing their appointed representatives, ensuring they are competent, financially stable and delivering fair outcomes for consumers.”

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