FCA willing to provide MMR workshop for bridging

Nia Williams

October 2, 2013

Lorna O’Brien, mortgage policy adviser for the FCA, said that she would provide a tailored workshop regarding bridging if there was enough interest. She said that the FCA would also provide other tools and support for bridging professionals such as a fact sheet and a specialist web area.

Lorna gave an outline of the impact the MMR is likely to have on bridging lenders and what they need to do to prepare for April 26. She will go into much more detail at the ASTL’s inaugural conference in three weeks time on October 10th where she will also talk about the potential impact of the European Directive.

At the ASTL general meeting Lorna also discussed when lenders can carry out execution only sales and the amount of supervision lenders will need to exert over brokers who submit business to them. She also clarified exactly what the FCA meant by advice and to what extent lenders need to go for the FCA to consider they have given appropriate advice.

Benson Hersch, chief executive of the ASTL, said: “It is a really positive that the FCA is prepared to provide a tailored ‘MMR for bridging’ workshop session.

“Lorna’s talk at the ASTL meeting was very informative and clarified several points on FCA approach to the MMR that the lenders were unsure about. It provoked a lively response and we will be contacting members about attending the proposed FCA workshop.”

The ASTL conference will take place on Thursday 10th October and is open to lenders, brokers and all other professionals involved in bridging or short term lending.

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