FIBA launches member benefits

Michael Lloyd

June 6, 2018

FIBA, the trade body for finance professionals, has launched a range of benefits for members.

These include exclusive business premises insurance and discounted intelligent reporting software, as well as access to client verification platform, SmartSearch.

Adam Tyler, executive chairman of FIBA, said: “From our launch I made it our intention that at FIBA, our aim was to support finance professionals within the UK, enabling them to deliver the right solutions and service to their clients, whilst meeting their regulatory obligations.

“We proudly hold this as our mission statement and the way we achieve this is by supporting our members with the right benefits for their businesses.

“In addition, we wanted to provide access to a comprehensive network of lenders, detailed product knowledge, industry expert advice and dedicated compliance resources backed by relevant training, guidance and assistance.”

GDPR has its own section to help advisers tackle the recent regulatory changes and keep themselves informed during the early days of implementation and beyond.

There is also a lender partners directory to make finding FIBA-accredited funders easy.

Tyler added: “We have just launched our FIBA Member Benefits area on the website, which is packed full of important support and information for both the business and personal development of our members.

“Our benefits package will continue to evolve throughout the year with new enhancements being added all the time.

“Whether advisers are experienced finance practitioners or coming to business finance for the first time, these services and benefits offer tremendous value when put against the membership fee and will also significantly help to boost productivity and professionalism.

“As a member of FIBA you will have the tools to be the best you can be as well as having a voice that shapes our industry’s future.”

More benefits are due to be rolled out in the coming weeks.

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