Fiduciam grants £7.5m loan to enable G7 hotel to resume trading

Jake Carter

June 3, 2021

Fiduciam hotel

Fiduciam has granted a £7.5m loan to enable the Treloyhan Manor Hotel in Carbis Bay, Cornwall to resume trading in advance of the G7 summit.

The loan had to cater for both the recommencement of trading and the upgrade of the building.

It took Fiduciam six weeks to grant the loan, which involved a complex planning and title situation.

The lender had to complete its loan within one week from exchange of contracts, as the hotel is going to be used for housing G7 police forces.

Johan Groothaert, chief executive of Fiduciam, said: “Treloyhan Manor is an absolutely splendid building in a stunning location.

“It needs substantial investment though, as it has fallen into disrepair over the years.

“This situation is reflective of many other hotels in the UK, and we are here to help to finance their upgrades and transformations to meet the expectations of today’s tourists and travellers.

“We are glad we got this complex financing done in a short period of time with the G7 deadline looming over us.

“Cornwall has some of Europe’s finest beaches and coastal landscapes, and the staycations have allowed so many more people to appreciate this.

“We are glad that our loan will allow Treloyhan Manor to be upgraded and to welcome many tourists in years to come.”

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