Fifth of adults planning career change

Michael Lloyd

December 19, 2019

A fifth (20%) of adults are planning a career change in the next five years, Openwork has found.

Under-25s are most likely to consider changing the sector or industry in which they work, with nearly half saying they are planning to change in the next five years.

By comparison, 28% of 25 to 34-year olds and 13% of over 55s are considering a new career.

Claire Limon, director of learning and acquisition at Openwork, said: “It’s clear from our research that people are becoming increasingly open to a career change – the old concept of staying in one sector for your entire career simply doesn’t apply to the world of work today.

“However, many are being held back by the worry that they do not hold the correct qualifications to move into another industry.

“The Openwork Academy programme has welcomed in excess of 200 trainees this year and we eagerly anticipate supporting many more in 2020 to achieve the qualifications they need to embark on the next chapter of their career.

“Increasing the number of advisers in the UK is vital and at Openwork we believe that all ages and backgrounds have the potential to make career changes and there is support available for anyone considering a new job in a different sector.”

Some 43% said that the loss of income whilst training towards a new profession was a key barrier which puts people off changing career.

Other reasons include the fear of feeling too old (40%), a lack of qualifications (28%), family commitments (27%), and the fear of failure (25%).

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