Financial PR duo build their dream on More 4

Sam Cordon

October 8, 2013

Building the Dream follows ambitious first-time home-builders as they embark on creating their ideal property which architectural designer and series presenter Charlie Luxton believes is cheaper to do than buying one which is ready made.

The Coopers are a well known partnership in the financial services industry and represent several well known mortgage lending clients such as Saffron Building Society and Magellan Homeloans. In the past they have also operated smooth PR campaigns for the likes of Aldermore – both on the residential and commercial mortgages side – and other reputable intermediary brands.

Josh Cooper said: “As a PR consultant being on TV felt all wrong – I’m meant to be getting my clients on TV not standing in front of the camera myself.

“However filming was not only fun but gave us a useful tool for keeping the pressure on our builders. Having their work broadcast on TV was a great incentive for ensuring it was completed to a high standard, within budget and by the agreed deadline. Would I do it again? Never on your life!”

The programme tracks the couple’s plans to knock down a tired 1960s detached house to replace it with a stylish home on the cliffs overlooking the seaside town of Aberdovey.

They had originally intended to renovate the dated detached home they’d bought but structural issues meant it would be cheaper to demolish it and start from scratch.

With similar homes in the area valued at over £700,000 the Coopers hope to build their dream home for a significant saving of around £60,000 less.

Luxton thinks he can tweak their plans to make them even better including changing their master bedroom to make it feel more like a suite rather than a room.

Around the UK potential buyers are discovering that the only way they can afford a property that fits their brief is to find an empty plot of land and build from scratch.

Luxton is on hand to guide them through from foundations to finish and provides support to the families on this steep learning curve.

The series hopes to inspire and offer advice to aspirational self-builders encouraging them to take the first step.

Building the Dream is on More 4 tonight at 9pm.

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