Financial Services Expo is the place to be

Robyn Hall

September 30, 2013

It’s certainly a positive time for the mortgage market and, having talked to many brokers, the overwhelming feeling appears to be that volume is strong and, in many cases, resources are being looked at and readjusted to deal with the extra work.

This is of course a very good thing although I recognise that in different areas of the UK this might not be the case.

Regardless of your current work rate, and I suspect there are plenty of late nights being worked at present to keep up with demand, it is always important to take time out of the work schedule to take in the bigger picture, look at what the industry in general is up to, network, meet with peers, or hear from a variety of sources about existing opportunities that you may have missed.

Work can sometimes feel like a treadmill – particularly in busy periods – and a trip out of the office can often put you on the right path and deliver an energy boost to work more proactively when you get back in the office.

This is why it is important that events like the Financial Services Expo exist – tomorrow and Wednesday the industry has a chance to convene under one roof and set its stall out for what is coming over the horizon.

It is particularly gratifying that FSE has the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) at its very core.

Some brokers might think that MMR is simply a lender ‘problem’ when in fact it is the next step on the regulatory ladder, one that is going to affect all our livelihoods and should therefore be taken seriously.

The fact that the FCA will be in attendance on both days covering off the mortgage regulatory agenda gives us all a chance to get up to speed on what is required and how this will affect the marketplace we work in. And if you have yet to put an MMR compliance plan in place be aware that the ‘go live’ date is only six months away and you should start your prepping now.

However, FSE will not only be about regulation – the current exhibitor list shows a significant number of lenders and providers exhibiting plus there is a range of other seminars on various topics in order to get the creative (business) juices flowing.

Also don’t forget to stop by stands L3 and L4 where you will find yours truly dishing out the tablet computers like they’re going out of fashion.

This is really two days to see old friends, discuss business matters, be presented with new opportunities and perhaps even come away with a goody bag or two.

We look forward to seeing you at Old Billingsgate tomorrow or indeed the day after.

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