Fire safety is a must for landlords

Nia Williams

February 17, 2009

The online tool allows landlords to keep a record of their fire safety precautions in one document, making it easier to ensure that all necessary safety measures are being implemented.

It includes a template for a fire safety risk assessment, which landlords are able to carry out on their own properties. In addition, landlords can keep a record of mandatory safety checks, fire equipment defects and instances where the fire alarm has been activated.

The logbook is intended to be used in conjunction with the LACORS Housing Fire Safety guide, which was produced in consultation with the NLA, and needs to be regularly updated.

David Salusbury, Chairman, NLA, commenting on the launch of the Fire Safety Logbook, said: “Fire safety in the private-rented sector is clearly an issue of vital importance and one that all landlords must take seriously. Keeping a record of all the fire safety precautions taken in a rental property will offer reassurance to tenants that their landlord strives to keep their property as safe as possible.

“Landlords face a complex maze of fire safety laws, with different legislation relevant to specific property types. It is important that landlords are aware of which is relevant to their properties and ensure they are adhering to the rules.”

For more information about the Fire Safety Logbook, go to www.landlords.org.uk

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