First Complete positive on future

Sarah Davidson

August 15, 2012

Another 35% expected business levels to stay the same over the summer months.

Despite reports that Britain is back in recession over half (52%) of advisers feel the same about the market as they did three months ago while 25% of First Complete advisers reported that they also feel more positive about the market now compared to the end of the first quarter.

This was balanced by 23% who were less positive.

The view was pretty similar for clients: 66% said that their clients felt the same about the market than they did three months ago, only 11% were more positive, while 24% were more pessimistic about the current market than previously.

The survey also asked its members if they were expecting a rise in remortgages due to lenders raising SVRs.

Some 55% of advisers are not expecting much change in remortgage business but 9% of advisers expected all of their clients to remortgage as a result of SVR changes.

A third thought that protection would be their biggest growth area, 25% thought it would be in buy-to-let, 16% thought remortgage and 15% said purchases.

Of the remainder general insurance also received a notable mention from 7% of respondents.

Jon Round, chief executive of First Complete, said: “With protection becoming more affordable than ever and the EU Gender Directive set to go live in December; it is no wonder that protection is the area brokers are expecting to grow the most in the coming months.

“Whether the reason is regulatory, commercial or market driven it is more vital than ever that brokers have accurate data, information and collateral to talk to their clients with confidence and help to dismiss some of the negativity brought about by media sensationalising.

“This ensures that clients are able to make informed decisions about their financial futures while having a trusted and knowledgeable adviser who understands the current options available presents the best solution.”

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