flatfair: government needs to embrace tech solutions across real estate

Michael Lloyd

November 15, 2019


The government needs to back technological solutions across real estate for the country to bring housing into the 21rst century, fintech firm flatfair has insisted.

This comes as the Labour Party announced plans to nationalise a part of the BT network to provide free broadband to the public.

Franz Doerr, founder and chief executive of flatfair, said: “As technology transforms almost every walk of life, the property industry should welcome any steps being made to improve the accessibility and user experience for renters and homeowners who both rely on broadband for large parts of everyday life.

“While many may question the overall level of state intervention being proposed, there will need to be some level of further involvement from our future government to back the adoption of tech-enabled solutions across real estate if we are to bring our housing into the 21st century.”

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