Flatfair: Service and seamlessness will be crucial in the BTL sector this year

Michael Lloyd

January 9, 2020

A focus on service and seamlessness will be crucial in 2020, especially as more people renting for longer drives expectations up, Franz Doerr, founder and chief executive of flatfair has claimed.

Doerr said: “You can clearly see the development of renting as a service in the growing number of build to rent developments.

“These professionally managed schemes are designed with service at their core- whether it’s a 24/7 concierge at the front desk or the integration of technology throughout the experience, making everything from paying the rent to ordering a cab or changing a lightbulb an integrated and seamless service.

“But rising rents, and the need to scrape together large upfront costs when moving are huge barriers that need addressing across the board regardless if you are a build to rent operator or a traditional landlord or agent.

“Flatfair’s cutting edge payment technology is helping to remove these barriers by making it possible for tenants to move in with their just debit card while providing unrivalled protection for landlords in the event of any damages.”

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