Flatshare population to hit 2.96m in 2012

Yuan Phoon

December 12, 2011

It forecasts that rents outstrip inflation and will rise by 5% across the UK to £383 per month next year.

Jonathan Moore, director of Easyroommate, said: “The boom in popularity of flatsharing is the second inevitable step following the mortgage market breakdown.

“Renters can no longer secure mortgages to become homeowners. This is pushing mainstream rents through the roof and these buyers are turning to flatshares to trim the monthly cost of renting.

“Cheaper forms of rental accommodation will only become more popular next year as the UK faces a stalling economy and the fallout from the eurozone crisis.

“Apart from the effect on job prospects and salaries in 2012, it will place a low ceiling on lending to first-time buyers.”

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