Fluent: Equity release offers new prospects

Jessica Nangle

July 24, 2019

Fluent for Advisers is asking its introducers to consider building relationships with IFAs and retirement advice specialists.

This hopes to provide a referral service for their customers who could benefit from later life lending as a part of their retirement or post retirement planning.

This advice comes as equity release referrals have risen 285% in the past two years.

Jeff Davidson, head of intermediaries at Fluent for Advisers, said: “Later life lending is definitely the sector which advisers should be targeting, not only for themselves, but also because it offers scope to provide a service for retirement planners and don’t forget Fluent has the expertise to help advisers develop their later life lending business.

“Later life lending has built a deserved reputation as a means of releasing capital to boost retirement income and it can play an important role as part of retirement planning.”

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