Fluent Money upgrades customer portal

Robyn Hall

August 16, 2012

Over the past year, the secured loan brokerage has invested in the online service to improve the functionality and overall user-experience of its live case tracking facility.

Customers applying for a loan through Fluent Money, now benefit from a simplified interface, allowing them to check the process of their application at any time.

The main benefit of Fluent View is to give customers visibility of everything being carried out on their behalf by Fluent Money. They can view the status of their application at anytime, reducing any queries or confusion about the process.

The upgrade has also been developed with multi-channel access in mind, making it easier for customers to access their information on mobile phones and tablet computers.

Tim Wheeldon, joint managing director of Fluent Money, said: “Customer service is at the centre of everything we do and we want to keep them involved in the entire application process from end-to-end.

“People are used to checking their bank statements and utility bills online, so it makes sense for them to have the same opportunity with a loanapplication.

“The upgrade to Fluent View is just one way we are working to enhance the customer experience and we look forward to announcing other products and services soon.”

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