Former Housing Minister gets key job

Robyn Ashman

July 24, 2019

Former Tory leadership hopeful and Housing Minister Dominic Raab has been appointed as Foreign Secretary.

He joins Priti Patel (Home Secretary) and former Housing Secretary Sajid Javid (Foreign Secretary) in the great offices of state.

Raab has also been made First Secretary of State – effectively Deputy Prime Minister.

This will see him deputise for new PM Boris Johnson during Prime Minister Questions. Much like David Lidington did before him.

Whilst no longer covering the housing brief Raab clearly has the ear of the Prime Minister.

He had previously been accused of having a radical agenda of reforms for the housing sector during his leadership campaign.

This included plans for private tenants to be helped onto the property ladder through a new Help to Buy scheme.

Property developer Keshava Raghubeer of Sixteen South West heralded the role of Raab and Javid in senior roles.

He said: “It’s long been argued that housing has been seen as a second rate political brief by the mainstream parties.

“However the meteoric rise of Raab and the increasing stature of former Housing Secretary Javid has to be a plus.

“Brexit clearly will dominate the agenda in the near term. But having people who have a working understanding of the housing situation will clearly help in wider cabinet discussions.

“This can only be seen as a plus for the housing sector.”

More reshuffle news to follow…

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