Foundation Home Loans upgrades online broker portal

Michael Lloyd

April 16, 2018

Foundation Home Loans has upgraded its online portal to include better clarification concerning client documents that have been received or are outstanding.

It can also copy Decisions In Principle certificates (DIPs) and Full Mortgage Applications (FMAs) on both accepted and declined cases and change the number of applicants up to the DIP decision.

When using the portal, brokers are advised to use the side navigation on the left of the page, as all changes will auto-save.

Jeff Knight, director of marketing, Foundation Home Loans, said: “Having listened to feedback from the pool of brokers we currently work with, we have taken the initiative and upgraded our portal to better suit those engaging with it.

“The improvements ensure brokers have a far better overall view of their clients’ cases, allowing them to prove value and offer a more efficient service.

“We are constantly looking at ways to adapt to the changing requirements of brokers and enhance their experience when registering with Foundation Home Loans.”

For DIPs and FMAs, the ‘copy application’ button is in the bottom right corner of the summary page, and the ‘add applicant’ button is on the applicant page, if amending the number of applicants up to the DIP decision.

All clients’ documents must be uploaded to the portal, as any supporting documents that are emailed separately will not be accepted.

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