Foundation launches fee-assisted BTL products

Jake Carter

May 18, 2021

launch products

Foundation Home Loans has launched a number of products, including fee-assisted options for purchases as well as remortgages.

It has also added two fixed-fee HMO and multi-unit blocks (MUB) deals, in addition to rate reductions on its 80% LTV products.

The fee-assisted options – which all come with a fixed £1,495 fee, one free valuation, no application fee and £250 cashback – are available to both individual and limited company landlord borrowers up to 75% LTV on a purchase or remortgage basis.

Rates include: 3.39% fix for 2-years and 3.59% for 5-years to 65% LTV; and 3.59% fix for 2-years and 3.74% fix for 5-years to 75% LTV.

Foundation is also launching new standard HMO and large HMO/MUB 5-year fixes at 75% LTV, available to limited company and individual landlords, which start at 3.79% and come with a fixed £1,495 fee.

On top of this, Foundation has reduced rates on its 2- and 5-year, 80% LTV, individual and limited company buy-to-let products to 3.79% from 3.99% and 4.29% from 4.49% respectively.

ICR is calculated at 125% for limited company mortgages at pay rate for the 5-year fix, and at the notional rate of 5.5% on the 2-year fix.

George Gee, commercial director at Foundation Home Loans, said: “Our fee-assisted options have proved very popular amongst advisers and their landlord clients, as they allow borrowers to keep their upfront costs low and access highly-competitive pricing, whether for an individual or limited company, and whether focused on standard properties or HMOs.

“In particular, we believe these new fee-assisted products will appeal to those landlords seeking to purchase multiple properties, as we have widened their availability to both purchasers and those remortgaging.

“Our new HMO/MUB fee-assisted deals should also support landlords who want larger-value, higher-yielding properties without paying a percentage-fee.

“Overall, it’s clear there is a very strong ongoing demand from landlord borrowers for a specialist approach to underwriting and our commitment to keeping landlord costs low will continue as we seek to ensure Foundation’s broad buy-to-let range serves intermediaries advising in this space.”

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