Four in ten London properties have no garden

Jessica Nangle

March 13, 2017

Four in 10 London properties currently on the market do not have an outdoor space according to research by HouseSimple.com.

Just a third of properties on the market in Tower Hamlets reportedly have outside space however Bexley and Bromley have the most properties with a garden, with more than four out of five properties (85%) featuring one.

Alex Gosling, chief executive at HouseSimple.com, said: “With the need to build more homes in the UK, and space at a premium, we could well see fewer and fewer new build properties with private gardens.

“In heavily populated areas, developments are squeezed in and the reality is that private gardens take up valuable square footage, hence we are likely to see more modern block of flats to meet housing demand.”

On a national level, Grimsby tops the list as featuring the most properties on the market with a garden at 93%, closely followed by Crawley at 91%.

Gosling added: “There are plenty of towns, such as Grimsby and Crawley, where the majority of properties have private outside space and moving further away from major cities, you’re more likely to find houses not flats and the large back garden you’re craving.”

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