FP emphasises importance of trusts

Nia Williams

January 13, 2010

The new toolkit, launched today, gives advisers access to a variety of tools, tips and techniques to enhance their trust-selling skills.

As part of the toolkit, advisers can access three pre-recorded online seminars and download a range of support material. The seminars focus on the current trust market place and explain how to set up trusts as well as outlining the benefits for both advisers and clients.

Advisers wanting to view these should visit the trust toolkit on the adviser website at www.friendsprovident.com/adviser.

Ed Stuart-Brown, head of protection sales, said: “Our previous toolkits have been a great success and have helped to bring all sales support material together in one place for the adviser. Trusts offer important benefits to advisers by reducing lapse rates, improving retention, and generating referral opportunities.

”A recent study commissioned by Friends Provident showed that nearly 40% of people who had life cover did not know what a trust was. The proper use of a trust ensures that the policy pays the benefits to the clients loved ones, with the trust allowing for the payment of the proceeds to be made speedily. The right money, to the right people at the right time. They are an undersold feature of life cover and life or earlier critical illness plans, but by providing advisers with more bite-sized chunks of support, they will have the tools to help ensure their clients are able to make well-informed decisions about trusts.”

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