Free service makes public relations accessible to all

Amanda Jarvis

January 12, 2006

The service is designed to make PR accessible to all by keeping subscribers aware of specific opportunities for editorial coverage in the national and trade press, television, radio and online in order to raise their profile and enhance their reputation, as and when these opportunities arise.

Each free email alert explains:
In which publication the editorial opportunity exists
What information is required
The deadline
LSPRs payment by results and pay as you go fee for securing the opportunity and any associated copywriting, once the media coverage has appeared

Subscribers to MediaAlert simply confirm by email or telephone that they would like to progress the media coverage opportunity and LSPR do the rest including the provision of free advice. LSPR offer a full copywriting service headed by ex Money Marketing and Post Magazine news editor, Francis Higney.
Lord Brian Mackenzie, non-executive Chairman of LSPR commented, “MediaAlert will make PR accessible to dynamic, fast moving firms of all sizes, not just those with deep pockets. Rather than expect our clients to pay us a fixed retainer in the hope that we will secure them media coverage, we have turned the whole thing on its head and prefer to offer them the option of specific opportunities as and when they arise at a fixed price along with free advice. This way, clients only pay for what they want, when they want it and when they actually get it.  It takes the ‘fluff’ out of PR and makes it more accountable, which must be a good thing.”
Mark Llewellyn-Slade, Managing Director added, “Journalists have told us that they would like a more varied mix of contributors and insights to their publications rather than the same few industry commentators, so we hope that this service will prove attractive to them too. Whenever a journalist needs a contribution they can contact us in the knowledge that within minutes we can reach several hundred subscribers with their request. It’s about time smaller brokers and other industry experts had the chance to have their say whenever they have a story to tell.”   

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