Freedom Finance merges second charge operation with Sensible Home Loans

John Hewitt Jones

August 5, 2016

Freedom Finance has merged its second charge department with Sensible Home Loans.

The move follows the acquisition of Sensible Home Finance last month, and will see the broker rebrand its second charge mortgage arm as Freedom Finance.

Operations now take place from Manchester and Doncaster and will be led by Andrew Fisher, managing director of Freedom Mortgages and founder of Sensible Home Finance.

The Great Recruitment Crisis

The move will see 15 staff from Sensible Home Loans move to work for the new department.

Andrew Fisher said: “The merging of Freedom Finance and Sensible Home Loans is a key part of the story of our continued growth and development. This merger enables Freedom Finance to become one of the UK’s biggest brokers in the second charge mortgage lending market.

“This is an amazing time to be part of the Freedom Finance story as we expand our offering and reach. We have further developments coming down the track which we believe will have a significant impact on the loan market.”

Ryan Wagstaff, operations director of Freedom Mortgages and Freedom Finance second charge mortgages department said: “Freedom Finance and Sensible Home Loans both have a great reputation in the second charge market and this is a great opportunity to increase both the volume of customers we service through Freedom Finance and the quality of relationships we have built with the lenders in this space.

“The merger brings together two companies which have a natural fit in order to deliver greater value for customers and realise opportunities which would not be available to either business on a stand-alone basis.

“By combining our respective skill sets in technology, products and services we can deliver a broad, yet advanced, high performance platform which can produce the significant growth the group is looking for in the coming years.”

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