Freedom Mortgages celebrate Freedom Mortgage Day

Jessica Nangle

April 19, 2017

Freedom Mortgages has developed a calculator enabling homeowners to discover how much they could save each month by remortgaging their home.

This launch is in line with Mortgage Freedom Day compiled by Halifax which calculates the day of the year on which the average person would settle their annual mortgage bill.

Andrew Fisher (pictured), managing director at Freedom Mortgages, said: “A mortgage payment is very often our single largest monthly expenditure so reducing this cost can be a significant money saver.”

Freedom Mortgages are celebrating their Freedom Mortgage Day which they hope will encourage homeowners to take advantage of the potential personal savings that can be made.

Fisher added: “Although typically Mortgage Freedom Day was all about average savings, we believe there is no such thing as average when it comes to our customers.

“Therefore, we built this calculator as a quick and easy way to help everyone work out how much they could save based on their own specific circumstances.”

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