Freedom now at AMPD

Amanda Jarvis

March 13, 2006

Recently formed after the split from PMPA, the AMPD is wasting no time implementing its plans to become one of the main players in the packager alliance market.

Freedom Lending is the latest lender to join the AMPD panel, and in keeping with the group’s speed and dynamism, has also launched exclusive products to be distributed by AMPD member packagers.

John Mawdsley, spokesperson for AMPD, said: “We are delighted to have secured a deal with Freedom Lending. By joining the AMPD panel, Freedom is expressing its confidence in the group’s position in the marketplace. Through hard work and determination, the AMPD lender panel is going from strength to strength. This is only the beginning however – with more lenders, exclusive products and exciting changes yet to come.”

AMPD and Freedom Lending are offering intermediaries two exclusive self-certified products. With three-year discounted rates starting at just 4.89 per cent, AMPD exclusives are not only very competitive they also offer free legals on all remortgage applications, an excellent affordability calculation and individual underwriting.

More information on AMPD & Freedom exclusives is available by contacting any of the 13 member packagers: Active Investments, AMF London, Independent Mortgage Processing, LMS Specialist Mortgage Services, Mortgage Bureau (UK), Mortgage Choice UK Ltd, Mortgage Match Home Loans Ltd, Mortgage Processing Centre, Tudor Mortgage & Finance, The Mortgage Partnership, The Mortgage Trading Co., Trustguard Credit Services Ltd, Zebra Homeloans.

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