Freehold targets smaller packagers

Amanda Jarvis

January 11, 2005

Paul Brett, spokesman for Freehold says, ‘I run a successful packaging operation, but like many others, there is a danger of being marginalised not only by larger players in terms of the products I can offer my brokers but also by the effects of regulation and the increased costs inherent in building and maintaining a compliant infrastructure to satisfy my lenders. Freehold has been set up to bring together packagers, including those brokers who have been packaging for themselves, to benefit from the access to products, compliance and other services which we cannot hope to command alone.

He continued ‘ The packagers who succeed in the new post regulation market will be those who have access to ‘best of breed’ products and the means of delivering a top notch compliant service proposition. By joining Freehold, smaller independent packagers can prosper. ‘

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