Front Events launches FSE Cardiff

Mortgage Introducer

September 14, 2015

FSE Cardiff will be held in the Welsh capital’s City Hall, which is the centre piece of Cardiff’s civic centre.

Front Events said lenders, providers and exhibitors have already registered their interest in the event.

John Malone, chairman of Front Events, said: “It has always been our intention to broaden the reach of FSE and since our launch we have been able to do that in both Manchester and Glasgow.

“Now the time has come to look west and support the growing and thriving advisory sector in both Wales and the South West of England.

“FSE Cardiff allows us to do just that and we have already been delighted with the response we have seen.

“Cardiff is a wonderful city and we are sure that advisers will be very willing to support a local event held at a wonderful venue, City Hall.

“This is about recognising quality advice across that region and providing advisers with an event which delivers real value that they can take away and help develop their own propositions. We are sure there will be a great welcome in the hillside and vales for FSE Cardiff and are looking forward to developing the event in 2016.”

FSE Cardiff is the latest addition to the FSE event roster with FSE London being held this week, FSE Glasgow in March 2016 and FSE Manchester in May 2016.

Richard Deacon, sales & marketing director at Masthaven, said: “Our market and relationships extend across the entire country and we are already working with a vibrant and considerable adviser community down in Wales and the South West.

“The area has been crying out for a quality, focused exhibition and we believe with FSE Cardiff they are going to get the best event available.

“Masthaven will certainly be supporting FSE Cardiff and we applaud Front Events for acknowledging the need for a greater geographical spread and look forward to taking a full part in what is sure to be a fantastic expo experience for all who attend.”

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