FSE 2013: Opportunities lie in the unusual

Sam Cordon

October 2, 2013

Jupp warned that Help to Buy would not touch the specialist lending market but brokers should not be fearful of taking on borrowers with non-vanilla circumstances.

He said: “It is important to ask why. A borrower’s accounts may look poor on the surface but if you ask why you may find out it is because of a large capital outlay for new machinery and not that their business is struggling.”

Unusual clients with unusual incomes are underserved by high street lenders but there are mutual and specialist lenders willing to consider newly self-employed borrowers, offshore employment paid in different currencies and income largely made up of on target earnings.

The mutual sector was cited as leading the way in this sector of the market because it was keen to understand the dynamics of each potential borrower.

Jupp said that self-build, secured loans and borrowers with past credit problems were all growth areas in the mortgage market which brokers should be looking to if they want to increase their business volumes.

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