FSE London: Government planning “something big on housing”

Ryan Bembridge

September 15, 2016

ITV political editor Robert Peston reckons the government is planning “something big on housing”.

Speaking at the Financial Services Expo in London yesterday, Peston felt Prime Minister Theresa May is sincere in wanting to focus on ordinary people with incomes between £20,000-£30,000 a year.

He therefore predicted longer-term tenancies, more activity on shared ownership and a new model for releasing land for development.

Peston said: “It is absolutely the case that Theresa May and her closely knit team are very very keen to do something big on housing.

“But beyond saying this, they’ve not said a great deal.

“They know they can’t overturn overnight the economy’s reliance on homeownership and rising house prices into a more balanced economy.

“Will they have a new model for the release of land for development? They might do more on shared ownership.

“Will they try to do something on greater security of tenure for those in rented accommodation?

“Longer-term tenancies seem to be one way she [May] thinks she could help.”

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