FSE London: New talent key to growth – MAB

Robyn Ashman

September 14, 2016

Business owners have been urged to consider fresh approaches to growing their business by engaging with, and nurturing, new talent.

Speaking at today’s Financial Service Expo London exhibition, as part of the new FSE Foundation sessions which are aimed at highlighting what makes a good mortgage adviser, how to attract the right candidates and develop new talent, Verona Frankish, head of business development at Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB) outlined the importance of new blood to firms in the midst of an increasingly technology-heavy market and a progressive need for financial advice after the Financial Advice Market Review.

Speaking about the modern advisory environment, she said: “We feel strongly that mortgage advice is now considered more professional than it was in 2007. With the heightened level of regulation and the focus on the advice process today then only those who are serious about making it a career will be tempted to put a foot in the water. And we would like to see more of those, it’s good for the market and it’s good for our industry.”

Focusing on the utilising of new talent in order to move into a new era of financial services, Dave Bedlow, head of learning and development at Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB) added: “Taking on a non-experienced adviser is a fantastic way to grow your business; it offers the ability to mould someone from scratch to match the needs of your business.

“Having said that, business owners do have to fully realise the investment, in terms of time and money, that they need to put into this process to make it work. However, if considered and implemented correctly the end result could pay fantastic dividends.”

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