Fundraisers attempt to buy Katie Hopkins’ house and use it for refugees

Michael Lloyd

January 22, 2018

Katie Hopkins has been forced to put her £1m mansion on sale after losing a libel case resulting in people now fundraising to buy it and use it for refugees, according to EvolvePolitics.

Mr Justice Warby ordered Hopkins to pay £107,000 on account of legal costs within 28 days and apparently to afford this, she has put the house up for sale.

Writing for the Daily Mail Hopkins had previously labelled migrants in Calais who try to board trucks heading to Britain as “a plague of feral humans” and in her column wrote: “What we need are gunships sending these boats back to their own country.”

Hopkins’ five bedroom semi-detached house is on the market for £950,000, and Swindon-based activist Scott Walker has started fundraising to buy the property and use it to provide shelter for asylum seekers and refugees.

On the GoFundMe page he wrote: “This would be a great victory for the people of this country, because as we all know, this bigot has had far too much air time recently and drastically needs taking down a peg or two.”

The page has so far raised £7,075 and Walker said that if the full amount was not raised, ‘all funds will be automatically refunded’.

The libel case began when Hopkins started a Twitter feud, tweeting to her 85,000 Twitter followers, about Jack Monroe, a food writer and political activist, saying: “Scrawled on any memorials recently? Vandalised the memory of those who fought for your freedom. Grandma got any more medals?”

Monroe then replied: “I have NEVER ‘scrawled on a memorial’. Brother in the RAF. Dad was a Para in the Falklands. You’re a piece of s***.”

Hopkins said that the tweet was intended for Laurie Penny, a columnist and author for titles such as The Guardian and the New Statesman.

Monroe said Hopkins should apologise publicly for the false accusations and donate £5,000 to a migrant rescue charity.

Hopkins deleted the tweet but refused to make the donation so Monroe took Hopkins to court for libel and won.

The court judged Hopkins had caused ‘serious harm’ to her reputation by tweeting the false accusation to her many followers on Twitter.

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