Furness unveils four 80% LTV products

Ryan Bembridge

July 21, 2017

Furness Building Society has unveiled four products including a 2-year discount at 1.24% to 80% with a £999 product fee.

The society is also offering a 2-year tracker at 1.44% with a £999 fee as well as fee free versions at 1.69% for a 2-year discount and 1.79% for a 2-year tracker.

Sue Heron, director of marketing and sales at Furness Building Society, said: “We are delighted with the launch of the new products.

“We strive to remain competitive for our brokers but it’s also important to remember that we do not use credit scoring and each and every case is looked at individually by an experienced underwriter.

“By working in this way we are able to look at complex cases and apply flexibility in our decision making.”

The mortgages have a maximum loan size of £800,000.

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