Future Climate Info warns of risk of floods on property

Michael Lloyd

November 28, 2017

After heavy rainfall in Lancashire that led to 70 people and horses having to be rescued, the managing director of Future Climate Info warned that people need to be aware of the “catastrophic impact flood can have”.

With upcoming changes to stamp duty and a season where many people are planning to sell their home, it’s likely there will be an increase in young homeowners and housebuyers.

Such buyers need to be aware of possible floods before committing to a property and how they can protect themselves against them.

Geoff Offen, managing director at Future Climate Info, said: “The flooding in Lancashire serves as another reminder of the catastrophic impact flood can have on towns, people and homes. Lancashire and North West Yorkshire are areas especially prone to flooding, with the damage still not repaired in many cases from the last high profile flood in Carlisle in 2015.

“However, storms in the UK have been increasing both in intensity and in frequency in recent years and as such, more than five million properties in England are now at risk of flooding; not just limited to those that have flooded in the past or that are located near water.

“As the likelihood and cost of flood damage becomes a growing concern for Britons, it’s important that everyone has as much information as possible about the risk to their property. Every homeowner or buyer should know how at risk they might be from flooding – unfortunately it’s now a risk for many of us, not just a few.”

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