Future criticised over service standards

Ramesh Sharma

June 1, 2004

Stuart Mehrtens, practice manager at Lighthouse IFA Limited, said the delay in processing his application had been going on far too long. “I submitted a case to Future online on 15 September as I was told that online would be quicker. However, I am still waiting for an offer, over two months later. I may be able to understand if it was a 100 per cent case

but it isn’t. This seems like another example of when a lender brings out a great range of deals but does not have the ability to process the business they get from it,” he said.

Another broker, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I downloaded a case from the Future site on 29 October. A few weeks after submitting the case I had heard nothing from the lender. I called it a few times but it did not return my calls.

“When I eventually got through I was told it did not have the case on its system so I had to print the application off from its own website and send it back. I was then told the underwriter had cancelled the case and he would call me to tell me why. I never heard from him and I only found out from one of the news-wires that it had suspended its 100 per cent range.”

He went on to add that the lender had since started processing his case despite having the application initially cancelled by the underwriter and himself, and after moving his client onto a different deal from another lender.

Andrew Wiggins, communications manager at Future Mortgages, confirmed all of its brokers were informed of a suspension in the 100 per cent mortgage range. He was unable to comment further on individual cases.

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