G-Day provider comparison tool launched

Robyn Hall

November 9, 2012

Each major protection provider has now confirmed their plans for G-day when gender neutral pricing for insurance comes into force on 21 December 2012.

To aid intermediaries during the countdown F&TRC has compiled a detailed matrix of the key issues explaining where each provider stands.

It has been created by working with specialist protection advisers who agreed the issues they consider to be the most important for G-Day

And the information is provided in a consistent style designed to make it easier for advisers to compare and contrast different providers’ plans.

All life offices which took part in the survey were asked a total of 50 questions including; how long quotes are valid for, whether policies can have a future start date, whether or not full underwriting information needs to be obtained and the date from which gender neutral pricing will take effect.

Michael Aldridge, sales director at London & Country, said: “The F&TRC G-day readiness matrix helps simplify and summarise in one central place the raft and complexity of different plans and processes providers have announced. It will prove an invaluable tool for the adviser community in the run up to G-day.”

F&TRC Managing Director Ian McKenna added: “Throughout our dialogue with advisers they have been consistently asking for clarity around insurers’ plans. By assembling a detailed analysis of each of these which can be compared side by side we are providing a central place where advisers from any firm can check and compare where each provider stands on the key issues.”

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